11 December 2013

The times they are a changin' here at FYN!

Well, it's almost the start of a new year and we have some REALLY EXCITING news to share with you all...we were going to wait until the first of the year, but we are just busting with this news and since none of us are very good at keeping secrets decided to just go ahead and tell you all now!
As many of you know, my girls (really young women now, but they will always be my "girls") have worked at the shoppe since the day we opened over 12 years ago.  They are growing their own families now and starting their careers in teaching and nursing (couldn't be prouder of them!) and so we have come to a point in all our lives where some decisions have to be made about the future of Feather Your Nest.
Our problem (although it's not really a problem at all but a blessing) is that business is good, we have a great following of loyal customers, we LOVE creating things for the shoppe, but we are finding less and less time to search out vintage items to repurpose and paint, less time to create, less time to spend together as a family and never enough time for me in my new role as a grandma.  Being open regular hours each day/week keeps us tied to the shoppe when we are being tugged in so many other directions too. So over the last few months we have been pondering and discussing and tossing ideas around..and we have decided to turn our shoppe into an occasional shoppe! 
So what does that mean exactly?! Well, starting in February, we will offer once a month Sale Events on the first Thursday evening 6-9 pm,  Friday & Saturday 10-6:00 of each month, as well as occasional "Pop Up" shows at other times (like during our village events, holiday time, etc) We will spend the rest of the month finding those vintage treasures, repurposing, sewing, painting and creating handmade goods.  We will restage the ENTIRE shoppe with new items to give you a fresh look and a fabulous shopping event each month!  We will also be including a collection of invited artisans to join us each month. We are really excited about this new venture and think you all will really enjoy it too.  I mean, who doesn't love going to a good FYN party once a month!  
We will still carry new, as well as vintage items, home decor and fashion, candles, repurposed and reloved furniture, designer fabrics, and our Miss Mustard Seed and American Paint Company lines of paints at each event...all the things that you guys have come to expect and love from FYN - that part won't change. We will also still offer sewing and painting classes in our studio, and we will have set studio hours one or two days a week for purchasing paint and fabric outside of our scheduled monthly Sale Events and Pop Up shows.         
To get ready for this, we are going to have a MASSIVE clearance sale, and I mean HUGE!  We have two storage areas packed to the gills with display items and seasonal items and just "stuff" that we have collected over the past 12 years in case we "needed it" or was stored away and just forgotten about.  Our fabrics will ALL be 40% off too as we will be focusing  on a more curated selection of fabric designers. The sale will start this Saturday, December 14 in our backroom studio with tables loaded up with all this "stuff" at 50-90% off retail!  There will be great things in there for gifting, display pieces for those of you that have booths in antique malls or do home shows, cheap props for photographers,  and more...just a huge collection of stuff we have accumulated over the past 12 years...it ALL  needs to go so we can start this new venture with a clean slate. 
So make sure that you get on our email list, like our Facebook page, and follow our blog so you can keep abreast of the dates and sneak peeks for our monthly Sale Events and Pop Up shows. Stop in often over the next month to get in on the deals and steals as we will be adding new items to the sale area each day. Our hours will remain Wed-Fri 10-5, Thursday 10-8 and Saturday 10-5 through January 25th (unless we sell it all before then!)  We will then close to get ready for our first monthly Sale Event and reopen the first weekend in February!  We can't wait!!! 

31 August 2013

Happy Anniversary FYN!

12 years ago we opened our doors at 36 W. Columbus St. on September 1, 2001.  The date never slips my mind because just 10 days later, 9/11 happened and our happy days were overshadowed and saddened by the nations tragedy.  But, FYN,  much like our nation, persevered and we are still here 12 years later going strong.

We actually started our little adventure in 2000, as the Olde Ivy Cottage, in the tiny ivy covered building 2 doors down from us but just a few months after we opened there, our vision and dream had quickly outgrown that little space and the building two doors down went up for sale.  We thought it was a sign it was meant to be!   So we took a leap of faith, bought our building, changed our name to Feather Your Nest (as we weren't in a cottage covered in ivy any longer and frankly got tired of saying "yes, Old with an E") and made the move to our current spot.  We love our rickety vintage "Nest" that is the oldest gal still standing in our little village.

Over the years, you've seen a lot of smiling faces welcoming you into FYN...first my mom Anne, who "retired" from FYN when the girls got old enough to run the shoppe (and is more active now than she was 12 years ago I think!).  My two beautiful daughters, Cora & Caitlin, who have grown up right along with the shoppe.  They were 14 & 12 when we started, and are now 26 & 24 and have been working, buying and handcrafting things for the shoppe for as long as we have been open.  One of my favorite memories when we first opened was Cait taking the broom outside to sweep the sidewalks and telling us that she was going to "go out and sweep some new customers in!"  They were quite the shopgirls even back then!  We've also had various family members and people that are "just like family" helping us out over the years too..Hilda, Mary, Chevaun, Shirley, Amy, Ashley, and Krista...couldn't have done it without their help and smiling faces over the years.

My girls are grown now and starting families of their own.  Not sure where our little adventure will take us in the next few years, but until then we will keep opening our doors each day and offering you the best we can find to offer.  Wouldn't it be fun to have our little grandbabes sweeping some new customers into the shoppe someday?!
We will continue to change and evolve to keep up with our own interests and that of our customers.  We couldn't do this everyday without you, and we hope to keep seeing all of YOUR smiling faces for another 12 years and beyond =)

13 August 2013

Two little birdies are flying the Nest!

Today marks another day of distinction for the FYN family. 
Two of our little FYN birdies are flying the Nest and
taking off on a new adventure into the world of
inspiring and teaching young children. 
 If you are a longtime friend of the shoppe, you have followed
 along as my girls, Cora & Cait have grown up right along
with FYN.  We started our shopkeeping journey 12 years
 ago when they were just 14 & 12 years old
and it's always been a family adventure ever since.
You all have seen their smiling faces as they worked the
shoppe after school and on weekends, through high school
and college, and while Cora was getting
her Masters in Education and then substitute teaching. 
My niece, Amy, joined us a little over two years ago as a way
 to be able to get back into teaching after earning her teaching
degree a few years ago. Teaching is a hard profession to get into...
budget cuts etc have made jobs few and far between these
last few years.  So Amy subbed and was an awesome
FYN Shopgirl too.    
We have so so many sweet teachers as customers and the girls
 grew relationships with many of them over the past few years. 
All willing to help with  contacts, and support, encouragement
 and advice.  Our customers are just the BEST!  
The girls both worked as subs and tutors this past year,
spending their non-teaching days as shopgirls too.  
This year, BOTH Cora and Amy were hired at Amanda Clearcreek! 
Yay! Not only do they get their own classrooms, but these
two cousins get to be together in the same school their
first year too! Cora is a First Grade teacher and
Amy will have Kindergarten.
So today, they have their Open House, get to meet their
 students and parents, and begin their own new journeys. 
We wish them much love and encouragement.  
The teaching world is lucky to have gained these two little "birdies" too...

10 August 2013

Back to School!
Yes, at Feather Your Nest we are getting ready for 
Back to School days too with a plethora of classes
 to help you Get Creative!
Get Painting 201

First up is our first ever BYOF (bring your own furniture) class! This class allows you to bring your own small furniture item to our studio (must be able to carry yourself and fit within a 3x3 space) and we will show you how to prep, paint, distress and wax your piece using our American Paint Company products.  We supply everything you need (including paint, wax, brushes & snacks!) and you leave with a re-finished piece of furniture and the knowledge and techniques
 to paint everything in sight! 
Sunday, September 8th 12:30-5:30
Class fee $125 (all painting supplies included)  
Get Sewing 101
Want to learn how to sew?  Haven't touched a sewing machine since home-ec days in high school?  Then this class is for you!  We walk you through reading a pattern, proper fabric selection, the basics of using a sewing machine, and then move right into finishing a super cute Little Wallet by Valori Wells.  We supply ALL  fabrics and notions, as well as one of our Janome machines for you to use. 
Sunday, August 25 1:00-4:00 SOLD OUT 
Class fee $30 (all supplies are included)
Get Sewing 201

Know how to use a machine and do basic sewing?  Completed our Get Sewing 101 class? Then take this class to expand your skills and learn about using fusible interfacing, and how to install a zipper, and create a pieced patchwork wristlet. You will finish this wristlet in class and ALL supplies are provided!
Thursday, August 29  6:00-9:00 pm  
Class fee  $35 (all supplies are included)
FYN Ruffled Hipster
This is a slightly beyond beginner class for someone that wants to learn the basics of bag making.  Hilda designed this super cute hipster with a ruffled front and she will walk you through all the steps you need to design a one of a kind hipster of your very own!  Must know how to operate a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills.   
Sunday, September 15th  1:00-5:00  
 $35 (supplies are extra)
Get Sewing 101
Pillow Cases

This is another beginner class for those of you interested more in learning home dec sewing.  You will learn all the basics of using a machine, selecting fabrics, and following a pattern while learning how to finish a pillowcase with an accent strip using Valori Wells Pillow Case pattern. and who can't use new pillowcases made from beautiful decorator or themed fabrics?! All fabric & supplies are included in this class as well as a machine for you to use.
Saturday, September 21 9:00-12:00 
 Class Fee $35 (all supplies are included)
Infinity Scarf

Perfect class to get ready for fall, learn how to make this beauiful Infinity Scarf using Anna Maria Horners Figure 8 pattern. You will select from our beautiful selection of voile fabrics or combination of voile and velveteen for a warmer scarf. This is a beyond beginner class so you must have basic sewing skills and know how to operate a
sewing machine or have completed one of our Sewing 101 classes. 
Sunday, October 6  1:00-5:00  
Class Fee $35 (all supplies included)
 Spinster Pillow by Anna Maria Horner
Join us for two evenings to create this beautiful pieced pillow from Anna Maria Horner's
Flower Patch Pillows pattern set.  This is a beyond beginner class so you must have previous
 sewing experience or have taken our Get Sewing 101 class.   ALL supplies are included -
you choose your favorite two fabrics to complete this 16 inch pillow. 
  Monday October 14 & 21 6:00-8:00 pm
 Class Fee $50 (includes all supplies)

Must be 18 or older to take a class at FYN. All classes require pre-registration and payment to reserve your spot. Space is limited to allow for individual attention. Cancellations made less than one week prior to class will not receive a refund.  Call 614-834-3392 to register or stop in. 

12 June 2013

"Inspired by" or downright copying?

As a longtime shoppe (we opened September 1 2001) over the years we have "inspired" many people and even other shopowners...some try to be really subtle...taking pics of our displays and handmade items on their phones to "show friends" and some are not so subtle...turning items over to find tags in order to "shop" our vendors and then we see pictures of our displays/creations and our product lines pop up on other shop's blogs or Facebook pages. 

From the way we do our displays, to our packaging and the products we order when we go to market...we are constantly having to update FYN's look to keep from looking like everyone else.  So our customers aren't wondering if we are the "inspirer" or the "inspired by".  With Pinterest and Facebook it's almost impossible anymore to have an "original" idea that someone else hasn't already posted it seems...but sometimes you know it's just outright copying...the easy lazy way out.        

So, where do YOU draw the line?  Do you think it's ok to be "inspired" by another's work or design?   Do you think anything is "fair game" if it's posted on Facebook or Pinterest or in someone's shop?  We don't carry lines that we see locally in other shops because, after all, what's the point of being the same?  We strive to be original while still following our customer's favorite trends and likes too.  We put out the time and expense to travel to the wholesale markets in Atlanta and Chicago each year...we won't just "shop" other shops to find our products...and we will drop even a very successful line like a hot potato when other local shops start carrying the same ones we do.

At FYN, we promote and sell creativity...we sell fabrics and paints to allow our customers to be creative souls and we teach classes to help them achieve their creative goals.  So Be Creative!  But along the way, just be sure to be inspired while not being a copier...give it YOUR own little twist and always give credit where credit is due to the ones that inspire YOU along the way.

01 April 2013

New classes added for Spring!

LOG MANSION quilt shown here in Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi flannels
Sunday, April 28  1:00-5:00

Class fee $75 (includes all supplies)

Join us to make this "mansion" sized version of the Log Cabin block.  This quilt finishes to 72x72 and goes together
 so quickly due to the large 6 1/2"  strips used.  It's Anna Maria's modern take on a very traditional quilt pattern.
 We will PRE-CUT a kit for each student,  to duplicate Anna's quilt top sample shown here. 

Class fee is $75 (includes the pre-cut kit in LouLouThi flannels shown here - a $65 value if purchased seperately)
 This is a Beginner quilt piecing class, but you must have prior basic sewing experience
or have completed our Get Sewing 101..


Infinity "Figure 8" Scarf 
Saturday, May 11  10:00 - 12:00
Class fee $30 (all supplies are included)
Inifinity scarves are BIG in fashion today.  Join us to design your own one-of-a-kind version from
our beautiful selection of our light weight voile fabrics perfect for spring.  We will use Anna Maria Horner's
 Figure 8 pattern.   You pick your two favorite voiles and this scarf will go together super fast and easy. 
A definite beginner class - but must have knowledge of how to use a sewing machine. 
ALL supplies are included in this class.    
Pillow Lab 101 
HELLO SPRING!  Strippy Pillow by Jera Brandwig
 Sunday, June 2, 1:00-5:00

Class fee $40 (All Fabric Supplies are included)

Join us to make this beautiful, and deceptively easy, strippy pillow.   Finishes to a 16x16 envelope style pillow. 
We will supply TONS of strips from our designer fabrics for you to choose from so you can design your own one of a kind version. 
 A slightly beyond beginner class -  must have knowledge of how to use a sewing machine.
All fabric supplies are included in this class to complete the pillow cover - you supply the 16 x 16 pillow form.


20 February 2013

March & April Classes @ Feather Your Nest

Get Sewing 101 - Little Wallet
Get Sewing 101

Sunday, March 3  1-4 pm  ** SOLD OUT **
Monday, March 25 6-9 pm **SOLD OUT **
Saturday, April 20  9-12:00 pm ** SOLD OUT **
Tuesday, April 30  6-9 pm **SOLD OUT **

In this Beginner sewing class, you will learn the basics of operating a sewing machine, how to select fabrics, read a basic pattern, sewing terminology, and how to use fusible interfacing all while making this super cute Little Wallet pattern by Valori Wells.

$30 class fee includes all supplies and the use of our Janome sewing machines.

OH Baby!
We have lots of different beginner baby projects lined up - perfect for the spring/summer baby boom that seems to happen every year.  Everyone LOVES our Reversable Baby Blankets made in our super soft flannels and embellished with Baby's monogram if you wish.  Forget those boring white sheets and put your little one to sleep on sheets made in our beautiful  designer cottons - Hilda will surprise you with her easy technique that creates a quality fitted sheet.  You'll be hte hit of the baby shower with these handmade gifts!     

Saturday, March 9    10:00 - 12:00 pm   Reversable Flannel Baby Blanket  $30 fee includes all supplies** SOLD OUT **
Saturday, March 23  10:00 - 12:00 pm   Baby Crib Sheet $30 fee includes all supplies. SOLD OUT
Saturday, March 30, 1:00 - 3:00 pm       Quilted Baby Mary Janes  $30 fee includes all supplies  SOLD OUT

Oh Baby! Reversable Flannel Blanket 
Saturday, March 9th  10-12:00 SOLD OUT


Oh Baby! Quilted Baby Mary Janes
Saturday, March 30  1-3:00 SOLD OUT

Get Painting!  101
Sunday, March 24 1:00-3:00 pm  SOLD OUT
Monday, April 15  6:00-8:00 pm SOLD OUT
If you enjoy turning trash into treasure, then join us for this relaxed, fun and inspirational workshop that will teach you
 the basic techniques of painting with our 100% all natural Chalk and Clay Paints, wet distressing and finishing with Clear Wax and Aging Cream.
 Workshop fee provides you with all of the materials you'll need to learn the steps from preparation through waxing. $25.00/per person.

Pillow Lab
The easiest,  most economical way to do a spring spruce up of your home decor is with new pillows!  We have a series of pillow making classes lined up where you can build your pillow making skills if you are new to sewing, or join in one of the later classes to add new techniques to your existing skills. You become the interior designer by picking your own fabrics from our great collection of designer fabrics.  
Envelope Pillow,   Monday, April 1    6:00-8:00   $25 fee  (fabric supplies extra) SOLD OUT
Pillow w/ Zipper   Tuesday, April 16  6:00-8:00   $25 fee  (fabric supplies extra) SOLD OUT
Ruffled Pillow       Sunday, May 5      1:00-4:00   $30 fee  (fabric supplies extra)
Sunday, April 7  1:00-5:00   $50 fee includes use of all our tools and a kit of flannel fabrics for baby quilt top     SOLD OUT
Ready to learn the fun hobby of quilting?  We introduce you to the quick piecing methods using rotary cutter, mat and rulers, quick strip piecing methods and more basic techniques to get you on your way to piecing a modern baby size quilt using Valori Wells Lion' Around quilt pattern.
This cute flannel baby quilt uses a large piece of flannel for the center panel, which is surrounded by large squares of brightly colored coordinating flannels. It's quick and it's cute!  We will pre-cut the  4.5 inch squares so you will complete this baby quilt top in class - you choose from a pink or blue colorway fabric kit included with the cost of this class.  Check out our sample below in blues at the shoppe.

We offer ONE-ON-ONE sewing classes for $12 an hour.
We work with you to schedule a time and a project and you schedule as many hours as you
need to start or finish a project - from beginner to advanced.
(our class times do not allow for material selections - we are happy to assist you with this up to 1/2 hour prior to start of class)
We have Janome sewing machines for your use during class.  If you would like to bring your own machine that is fine also,
 but you must be proficient in the machines operation as class time does not allow for adjusting machine issues.